Adding Users


Only administrators can add users to WordPress sites.

Locating the tool

Add Williams user link in menuUnder the “Users” tool in the left hand column of your administrative dashboard, select “Add Williams User” (shown right).

If you don’t have a “Users” section in your toolbar, you’re probably not an administrator.

Adding a user

  1. Enter the user’s unix username (the one they use to log onto email).
  2. Select the user’s role, which will control which parts of the site they can edit. We recommend editor in most cases. More about roles »
  3. Click the “Add User” button

Since WordPress is tied into our main authentication system, no additional data needs to be entered.  WordPress will pull the user’s name, email address, password, etc., from our central database.

Please note: If you need to add a user to your site that does not have a Williams login, or need a list of unix user IDs, email [email protected].