Automatic Embedding


WordPress allows you to automatically embed video, audio and other content from most popular media hosting sites simply by placing a URL on a line by itself in a page or post.

Full list of supported sites

Getting the URL

Finding the URL to paste into WordPress is a bit different for each media hosting site. In most cases, you’ll be looking for a share icon that looks something like one of these:


More specific instructions for finding the correct URLs, and demos of the embedded content, can be found on these pages:

Inserting the URL

This example uses a YouTube video, but the process is the same for all automatically embedded media: simply paste the URL on a line by itself, as shown in the “correct” example below.



If you are editing your page/post in visual mode (orange arrow, below), you will see a preview of your movie (or other type of content) where you placed the URL.

Embedded content toolbar

Click on the preview of your embedded content to reveal a toolbar, outlined in red below. To edit the embedded content’s URL, click the pencil. To delete the content, click X.