Header Banners

Uploading new banners

If you’d like to upload a new banner to your site, contact the web team. We’ll work with you to take the best advantage of the photographic assets you have, and can provide additional options from the communications photo library. The banner area is 1140px wide by 240px tall.  If you are providing us images, please make sure they are at least that large.

Choosing from existing banners

dashboard-header-newTo change your site banner, go to Appearance -> Header, as shown to the left. This will bring you to the custom header interface. Only site administrators have access to this tool. From here you can:

  • see all banners uploaded specifically to your site
  • see all of the Williams-wide banner options
  • select one of the above to be your current site banner
  • opt to have a random banner load (only banners specific to your site will be used).

Page specific banners

page-feature-imgYou can select a banner image to show up only on a specific page, instead of everywhere on your site. As with site banners, page banners needs to be high quality, and at least 1200px wide by 240px tall. If they are too small, they will not appear in the header.

Go to the page editing interface, and look in the right column for the “Set featured image” link (outlined in red, right). Clicking the link will launch the media uploader interface. Upload your image, and click the blue “Set featured image” button.