Login and Logout

Finding the login screen Footer link Most WordPress sites will have a login link on the right side of  the site’s footer (Figure A, outlined in red). Go directly to the URL If you don’t see a login link in the footer, you can type the login URL directly into… Continue reading »

Last modified on December 8, 2021

Off-Campus Dashboard Access

Williams VPN Required from Off-Campus Due to the increasing number brute-force login attacks directed at our servers, we are now requiring the use of the Williams VPN when editing site content from off campus. This allows us to give legitimate users remote access when they need it while easily blocking… Continue reading »

Webpage Caching (Why Don’t I See My Changes?)

Overview and Technical Details What is caching? The content of a webpage can be copied and saved (or "cached") at a number of points between the server where it lives and the browser where it is viewed. Why bother caching content? This is desirable because it can greatly speed… Continue reading »

Welcome New Faculty!

If you are new to the college, new to editing content in the WordPress content management system (CMS), or both: Welcome! We’d like to introduce you to a few of Williams’ more important web resources and to this site, which is home to Williams’ WordPress documentation. Department Sites The majority… Continue reading »

Interactive Table Tools

How to add interactive tools to your data tables: search/filter, sorting, pagination. Helps users find the data they want in long/complex tables. Requires the Meerkat theme. Continue reading »

Last modified on December 8, 2021

Large File Storage

Information about saving large files outside of your WordPress site on servers that specialize in media hosting and storage. Continue reading »

Last modified on December 8, 2021

Uploading Files to WordPress

Please Note: Currently, the maximum size permitted for a single file is 8MB and you are limited to a small set of file types for security reasons. Want more options? Check out Large File Storage or Storing Files on Google Drive. Uploading your file Open your page/post for editing in the… Continue reading »

Last modified on December 8, 2021