Context Sensitive Widgets

Widget Logic

Widget logic allows you to control under what conditions a sidebar widget will appear on your site.

To use this feature, you’ll need to activate a plugin called “Williams Widget Logic.”

When the plugin is active, you’ll see a dashed blue line with additional options beneath each widget (outlined in red below) in the widget editing interface.

Widget logic adds controls to each widget
Widget logic adds controls to each widget

By default, the widget will be visible at all times. If you select options from the “Show widget when visiting” menu, you can limit it to show only in specific contexts. Use control-click to select multiple options. You can show the widget on…

  • only the homepage, or every page except the homepage
  • only pages (anything you can access from the “Pages” tool in the dashboard menu) or only non-pages (a post or category)
  • only in a specific category (including every post in that cateogory)
  • only on a specific page (and all children of that page)

Examples of use

Context sensitive widgets have a blue arrow
Example of a context sensitive widget in Meerkat

When viewing a site in the Meerkat theme, a context sensitive widget will have a blue arrow at the left of the widget title (outlined in red, to the right) to indicate that it is more closely related to the current content than other widgets.