Directory Updates

The information on some WordPress pages is drawn from the HR PeopleSoft database, and cannot be edited directly through WordPress. These include:

Who to contact for updates

Faculty Staff
Title or contact information Gerrit Blauvelt HR
Education/degrees Gerrit Blauvelt HR
Courses taught Barbara Casey n/a
Faculty committees Justine Beringer n/a

To change information that is included on individual profiles but not listed above, you’ll need to edit your faculty/staff profile.

Directory Photos

dir-photoBy default, your directory photo is your college ID photo. In most cases, ID photos are copied to the online directory the day after they are taken.

You may provide your own photograph for use in the online directory. The photo should contain a clear shot of your face & shoulders, be at least 105px wide by 135px tall, and be taken in good lighting conditions against a non-distracting background.

To update your image you can go to our self serve page here:

If you have any issues, you can always email the [email protected]

Photos on profile pages

Individual profile pages use your directory photo by default. However, you can upload a different picture to your profile page through WordPress (see how to edit your profile picture).

Note: uploading a photo to your profile page will NOT automatically update your picture in the main college directory, or your department’s faculty/staff listing.