Directory Updates

The information on some WordPress pages is drawn from the HR PeopleSoft database, and cannot be edited directly through WordPress. These include:

Who to contact for updates

Faculty Staff
Title or contact information Barbara Pietras HR
Education/degrees Barbara Pietras HR
Courses taught Barbara Casey n/a
Faculty committees Gail Burda n/a

To change information that is included on individual profiles but not listed above, you’ll need to edit your faculty/staff profile.


dir-photoCollege & department listings

If you’d like to update your photograph in the main college directory, or on a department site’s faculty/staff page, send an image to the web team.

The photo should contain a clear shot of your face & shoulders that is at least 105px wide by 135px tall, taken in good lighting conditions, against a non-distracting background. We’re happy to take larger photos and resize/crop them.

A Williams profile page will have a URL like this:

Where english is the department name, and abc1 is the person’s Williams user ID. Profile pages are linked to from department faculty/staff listings.

Profile pages

Individual profile pages use your directory photo by default. However, you can upload a different picture to your profile page through WordPress (see how to edit your profile picture).

Note: uploading a photo to your profile page will NOT automatically update your picture in the main college directory, or your department’s faculty/staff listing.

Last modified on April 13, 2015