Image galleries allow you to display groups of pictures in a grid format, as shown below. You can click on any of the pictures to see a larger version of it in a lightbox, along with a caption, and navigation links to the next & previous images in the gallery.

Create a gallery

A gallery can go anywhere inside a page/post. Start by placing your cursor in the visual editor where you want the gallery to appear, then click the “Add Media” button located above the visual editor (outlined in red below).


In the media popup window, click the  “Create Gallery” link (outlined in red below).


You can switch between the “Upload Files” and “Media Library” tabs to add new images to your site, or find ones that have already been uploaded. Choose images for your gallery by clicking on them- they will be marked as selected with a check in their upper right corners (see orange arrows above). To remove a selected image from your gallery, click the image again.

create-galleryAs you select/upload images, a row of thumbnails will appear at the bottom of the window to help you keep track of your gallery contents. When you are happy with your selection, click the blue “Create a new gallery” button at the bottom of the popup.This will bring you to the Edit Gallery interface.

Edit gallery

In the Edit Gallery interface, you can do the following things before inserting the gallery you have created into your page/post:

  • Rearrange your images: drag & drop image thumbnails to rearrange the order of images in your gallery.
  • Reverse Order: reverses the order of the images in your gallery.
  • Add or edit captions: click below the image thumbnail to add a caption, or edit an existing one.
  • Remove images: hover over a thumbnail and click on the “X” to remove any of the images you previously selected.
  • Add more images: click on the “Upload Images” or “Image Gallery” links in the left hand sidebar to add more images to your gallery.
  • Cancel Gallery: click on the “Cancel Gallery” link from the actions on the left to exit the Edit Gallery page and cancel your image gallery.

Before inserting your gallery, you also have several Gallery Settings available in a pane on the right to control the following:

  • Links To: in the Meerkat theme, clicking on a gallery image will pop it open in a lightbox, but in other themes, you can have images link to the image attachment page or directly to the source image file itself instead.
  • Columns: set the number of columns you would like to have in your gallery. 3 Columns is the default settings, which is ideal for most sites.
  • Random Order: enables your gallery to display your image thumbnails in a random order each time they are viewed on the site.


When in visual mode, you can see a preview of your gallery. Clicking on the preview will reveal the gallery toolbar (outlined in red below). Click the X icon to delete the gallery, or the pencil to return to the editing interface.


If you switch editor modes from visual to text, the preview disappears, and you can view the shortcode for the gallery, which will look something like this:
Additional attributes can be set by editing the gallery shortcode.

For additional gallery layouts (animated slideshow, filmstrip) see advanced galleries.

Last modified on November 1, 2016