Login & Logout

Finding the login screen

Photo of login link located in footer

Footer link

Most WordPress sites will have a login link on the right side of  the site’s footer (outlined in red).

Go directly to the URL

If you don’t see a login link in the footer, you can type the login URL directly into your browser by adding /wp-admin/ to the end of your site’s URL.

  1. http://english.williams.edu/wp-admin/
  2. http://sites.williams.edu/abc1/wp-admin/

Most department sites will use the first format, while most personal sites, project sites, and course blogs will use the second. If adding /wp-admin/ to the end of your site’s URL doesn’t bring you to a login screen, the site is not a WordPress site.

Logging in

Once you get to the WordPress login screen (shown left), enter your username & password.

Username: if your williams email is [email protected], your username for WordPress is abc1.  Newer user names are 2-3 letters followed by a number (e.g. abc1); older user names are a string of up to 8 letters (e.g. kkrolick).

Password: the same password used by your @williams.edu email account.

WordPress accounts are not automatically provided: they are created by request. You will need to contact your site administrator or [email protected] to get an account set up before logging in to the site.

Login problems

  • Most login problems are caused by mistyped passwords. Visit pchanger.williams.edu to change or retrieve lost passwords.
  • Are you sure you have an account on this site? Contact your site administrator or [email protected] to have one set up.
  • Repeated failed login attempts can lock you out of your account. Contact the OIT help desk for assistance.

Log out

To log out:

  1. look in the upper right corner of your screen for a link that says “Howdy, [your name]”
  2. Mouse over it to reveal the logout link