Getting Oriented

After logging in, you’ll arrive at the WordPress administrative interface, which is called the dashboard (shown below). Most functions can be accessed from the dashboard menu in the left column (outlined in red) and/or the toolbar at the top (outlined in green). You can get back to the front end of your site (the part that visitors see without logging in) by clicking on your site’s name in the toolbar (outlined in orange).


dashboard-minfiedTo use the dashboard menu, either click or hover on the menu items to reveal submenu items.

If your screen/browser is small, the dashboard menu might load in collapsed mode to save space (see left). To uncollapse the menu, click on the arrow icon located at the bottom of the menu (next to the red arrow in the screenshot).


While making updates, you’ll want quick access to both the dashboard and front end of your site. You can easily flip back and forth between them if you open them in separate tabs. Right click on your site’s name in the toolbar, and select “Open link in new tab”.

Right click on site name to open in a new tab.

Last modified on April 21, 2015