dashboard-pluginsPlugins are WordPress modules that provide additional functionality that is not tied to the specific theme your site is using. Some may add new widgets, others allow you to create forms, and others give you media sliders.

Only site administrators can activate plugins. To view, activate, and deactivate plugins, click on the “Plugins” menu item on your dashboard (see left).

The default view of the plugin page will show all available plugins. You can also use the navigation links at the top of the page to view just active, inactive, or recently deactivated plugins.plugin-tabs

Currently active plugins will appear with a blue bar to the left of their name. Click on the activate/deactivate links (see green & red arrows below) to turn plugins on/off.


Specific plugin documentation

The main Williams WordPress installation- the one that hosts administrative and academic departments (* has a different set of plugins available than┬áIf you have any questions about plugin availability, contact [email protected].

Available on all servers:

Available only for administrative/academic departments:

Available only on