Creating a New Profile

A new profile only needs to be created if you want to show more information than the basic PeopleSoft data (contact information, directory photo, education/degrees, classes taught this academic year, and current faculty committees).

Adding a profile

Select one of the 2 scenarios below:

    1. Log into your department's WordPress site by clicking on the link in the footer. Help logging in If you can't log in, you'll need to contact your site's administrator to set up an account on the site.
    2. Make sure there's not already a profile set up for you. On the dashboard of your site, look in the upper right corner. There will be a link that says "Howdy, [your name]". Mouse over this link to reveal a menu (shown below).

      If see a link called "Edit Williams Profile," you do not need to create a new one. Instead, see instructions on editing your profile

    3. If you do not see a "Edit Williams Profile" link, look for the "Faculty/Staff" link on the left side of your dashboard menu, and click "Add New Profile" (shown below).
    1. Log into your department's WordPress site by clicking on the link in the footer. Help logging in
    2. Make sure there's not already a profile set up for this user. In the left column of your dashboard menu, click "Faculty/Staff" (shown below) to see a list of existing profiles.

      If the person appears in the list, don't create a new profile- edit the existing profile.

    3. Make sure that the person is a user on this site (unless they never plan to edit their own profile). In the dashboard menu, click "Users" and check to see if they are in the list that appears. If not, add them with the role of author (how to add a new user). Once the person has an account on the site, whenever you save their profile, ownership of it is automatically handed over them. If you add the user to the site after creating their profile, edit their profile (you don't need to make any actual changes), and click the "Update" button to transfer ownership.
    4. Click the "Add New Profile" link (shown below).

Filling out the form


Enter the full name of the faculty/staff member, as you would like it to appear as the title on the profile page.


Williams User Name

The person’s Williams User ID will be the person’s initials followed by a number (e.g. abc1) or the first letter of the first name followed by up to 7 letters of the last name (e.g. jdoe). Getting this correct is key- it’s the only way WordPress can associate the information in this form with the corresponding PeopleSoft data.



publishClick the blue “Publish” button in the upper right when after setting up these 2 fields.

Other fields

For more information about the fields of the profile form, refer to the Williams profile documentation.