Quick Links

What are Quick Links?

Quick Links is a customizable navigation tool available in the new Meerkat theme. It allows you to create a list of your most commonly visited Williams pages, and access them from any site in the Meerkat theme.

To show your Quick Links, click the Menu button, to the right of the the search box.

Customizing your Quick Links

Quick Links comes preloaded with a default list of frequently used links. You can click “Add this page to your Quick Links” (arrow #3 above) to add your current page to the top of the dropdown menu.

To manage your Quick Links, click on “Customize your Quick Links” (arrow #2 above) which will open a popup interface. All links from the A-Z Directory are displayed in the left column. You can filter the list by typing in any search term.

Drag any link from the left column to the right column to add it to your Quick Links. You can also rearrange “Your Links” on the right by dragging and dropping them into the desired order.

Drag links from “Suggested Williams Links” to “Your Links”

Editing & deleting links

Hover over a link in the “Your Links” section to reveal icons that allow you to edit (pencil) or delete (trash can) the selected link, as seen below. Clicking on the pencil will allow you to modify the title and URL.


Add custom links

If you’d like to add a link that doesn’t appear in the “Suggested Williams Links” list, you can do so by clicking the “Add Custom Link” button (outlined in red below). Fill in the title and URL, then click “Add.”  The new link will appear at the top of the “Your Links” panel on the right. Drag and drop to reorder your list, if desired. You can hover over your custom links to reveal their edit and delete icons.


Add dividers

Quick Links using dividers Dividers are darker, non-clickable labels that you can add to your Quick Links to organize them by topic, as shown to the right.

To create a divider, click on the “Add Divider” button (outlined in green above). Fill in the title, then click “Add.” The new divider will appear at the top of the “Your Links” panel on the right. Drag and drop to reorder your links & dividers as desired. You can hover over your divider to reveal its edit and delete icons.

Saving your Quick Links

All changes are automatically saved to your current browser. You do not need to take any action unless you want to access your Quick Links from another browser or computer.

ql-save-stateWhenever you make a change to Quick Links, the background of the save icon (a blue disk) will turn from blue to orange (see right).

Click the save icon (arrow #1 below) and log in with your Williams user ID and password.


Now you can use your Quick Links on a different browser or computer by clicking on “Load Saved Quick Links” (arrow #2 above), and logging in with your Williams user ID and password.

Why isn’t my browser storing my Quick Links?

You need to have cookies enabled for your browser to automatically save your Quick Links. Select the your browser below for more specific instructions.

  • Go to Firefox --> Preferences, and choose Privacy. (On a PC, go to Firefox --> Options --> Options --> Privacy.)

    Under History, choose "Remember History," or "Use custom settings for History," and make sure you've checked off "Accept cookies from sites," "Accept third-party cookies," and "Keep cookies until they expire."

    Save and refresh your browser.


  • Under Chrome --> Settings, scroll down and click to show Advanced Settings.

    Under Privacy, click on Content Settings.

    Under Cookies, check off "Allow local data to be set (recommended)."

    Save and refresh your browser.


  • Under Safari --> Preferences --> Privacy, make sure "Block Cookies" is set to either "From third parties and advertisers" or "Never."

    Save and refresh your browser.

  • Under Tools --> Internet Options --> Privacy, set Settings to Medium.

    Save and refresh your browser.

    If that still doesn't help, go to Tools --> Internet Options --> General.

    Under Browsing History, "Delete browsing history on exit" does NOT need to be checked off. However, if you do want that option, click the "Delete..." button (shown in blue in the picture below).


    Make sure "Cookies" is NOT checked off. Then click Delete at the bottom of the menu, OK out of Internet Options, and refresh your browser.