Retrieving Lost Work

Restore from trash

If you’ve deleted a page or post, you can get it back from the trash. Go to Pages -> All Pages, or Posts -> All Posts, and click on the trash link near the top of the page, as shown below. Click on the “Restore” link that is revealed when you hover over the name of a page/post.


Restore an earlier version

WordPress keeps older versions of your posts and pages available in case you nee to see, or revert back to a earlier version. There are 2 ways to get to your revisions tool from the page/post editing interface.

1) From the publish box (NEW)

Click on the “Browse” link, outlined in red below. This is located in the publish box, at the top of the right column of your page/post editing interface.


2) From the revisions box

Scroll down, past the visual editor, until you see the “Revisions” box, as shown below. The contents of the revisions box lets you know who made changes when to the page/post.

If you don’t see a revisions box, check your screen options.


If you clicked on the “Browse” link in the publish box, you’ll see the most recent revision compared to the current version. If you clicked on a link in the revisions box, you’ll see that revision compared to the current version. You can drag the slider (outlined in red below) to compare the current version to different revisions. You can also use the Next/Previous buttons to browse later/earlier revisions.


If you’d like to compare 2 revisions, one of which is not the current version, check off the “Compare any two revisions” box, outlined in orange above. This will give you an additional slider you can use to select the second revision.

In the side by side comparison, the older revision will be shown in the left column, the newer or current revision in the right column, as shown below. Areas shaded in red have been deleted, areas shaded in green have been added.

You can revert to this revision by clicking the “Restore this Revision” button in the upper right.