Site Settings

dashboard-settings-newBelow are some of the most commonly used options that can be found under the “Settings” section of your dashboard. Only site administrators can edit these settings.


Site Title & Tagline

site-titleIn the Meerkat theme, the site title and tagline appear in the purple header box. In the example on the left, “BIMO” is the site title, and “Biochemistry & Molecular Biology” is the tagline. Taglines are optional- most sites have this set to be blank.


E-mail Address

The administrator’s email address. By default, this person will receive comments¬†notifications, and be the default email address for form submissions.


Front page displays

This controls which content will appear as the homepage of your site: you can choose any page that already exists (the static page option) or your most recent posts. If you choose a static page as your homepage, you have the option to make another page in your site your blog/posts page. If you choose this, when you go to the selected page, instead of showing the page’s content, you will see your most recent posts instead.

Blog pages show at most

Determines the number of posts that are shown on your homepage (if you’ve selected to have your most recent posts as your homepage), and how many posts will show on each category page.

Search Engine Visibility

If you check off ” Discourage search engines from indexing this site,” a flag will be set to tell search engines to ignore your site. Most major search engines will respect this request.


Controls if/how people can leave comments on your site. Read more on comments & spam


When you upload an image, WordPress will make versions of the image at various sizes. These are the defaults for those sizes. If you change these, they will only affect images that are uploaded after you change the settings.


These settings should not be changed.