Sticky Posts & Category Descriptions

Category blurb

There are 2 ways to have a piece of information always appear at the top of a category of posts.  For more complex content (with HTML formatting, images, links etc.) we recommend creating a post, and making it sticky. If it’s just a sentence or two with minimal HTML formatting, a category description will work.

Method 1: sticky post

sticky-postA sticky post will always be displayed as the first post in its category, regardless of how those posts are sorted.

To make a post sticky, edit it, and expand the visibility options found in the “Publish” box (located in the right column of the post editing interface) by clicking on the edit link (outlined in orange, right). Check the box labelled “Stick this post to the front page”, then click the blue “Update” button.

In the Meerkat theme, a sticky post will never be excerpted- its full content will display, including HTML, images, etc.

Method 2: category description

There’s no WYSIWYG editor available for category descriptions, so we only recommend this if your content is simple and does not require HTML formatting.

  • Go to Posts -> Categories in your dashboard menu.
  • Click on the name of the category you want to edit from the list on the right.
  • Enter a description on the “Edit Category” page (outlined in red below).