Text Widget

A text widget lets you insert arbitrary text (including HTML) into your sidebar. Below is a sample text widget shown as a viewer would see it (left) and how it appears in the widget editing interface (right):

Sample text widget (Meerkat)
Text widget in the Meerkat theme
Editing a text widget in the Meerkat theme
Editing a text widget in the Meerkat theme

Text widget options

  1. Title: appears above your content, as white text in a blue bar
  2. Content: the text/html of the widget. Commonly used HTML
  3. Automatically add paragraphs: space will be inserted after each line break. Not checking this option means that white space will be ignored and you need to use HTML to create line breaks.
  4. Omit content padding: by default 10px of space is added around your content. You can get rid of this if you’d like to insert an image that is the full width (295px) of the widget.
  5. Add border: draws a light grey outline around the widget content.
  6. Alternate background color: instead of the standard light blue, make the widget content background white or black. Black is recommended if your content is a photo.

If you’re using the older Williams purple theme, you will only have options 1 – 3 for your text widgets.