Theme Options

dashboard-options-newTheme options allow you to control some of the header and footer content on your site. Chances are that these have already been set up for you by the web team.

To get to your theme options, find the “Options” item on your dashboard menu, as shown to the right. Only site administrators can edit theme options. If you don’t see “Options” in the menu, you’re probably not a site admin.

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Show give link

giving-linkBy default, the third link under the search box is “Events” (which goes to Sites related to fundraising at Williams can check off this option to change the link to be “Giving” (which goes to

Where is your staff page?

This allows your faculty profile breadcrumbs to link correctly back to your staff listing page. If this is not already set, select your staff page from the dropdown menu.

Footer options

Contact information

Scroll down until you see the “Contact Information” section. This controls the information that appears in the left side of your site’s footer:


Social media links

social_mediaBy default, the social media icons in your site’s footer go to the main Williams College social media URLs. If you add your department’s social media URLs to your site’s options, a visitor can access them when they hover over the social media icons. For example, Biology added a Facebook URL, so when you hover over the Facebook icon, it appears above the Williams College Facebook link (see left).

Other site options


A favicon is the tiny image you see at the top of your web browser, that helps to identify the site you are viewing (outlined in red below).


By default, your site’s favicon will be the williams “W”, but you can upload a custom favicon if you prefer. For the image to work in all browsers, it must be in the .ico file format, and no larger than 16×16 px. Favicon builder

Search engine optimization (SEO)

You can set a brief description of your site to help search engines find you.