Vimeo is a non-Williams service that hosts video for sharing on the web.

Automatic embedding

WordPress can automatically embed Vimeo videos in your page/post- all you have to do is put the Vimeo URL on a line by itself.

Getting a Vimeo URL

1. Find your video on Vimeo.

2. Click the share icon, located in the upper right corner of the video- it looks like a paper airplane- this will launch a popup window called “Share This Video”.


3. Copy the URL in the link box, outlined in red below.



WordPress allows you to automatically embed video, audio and other content from most popular media hosting sites simply by placing a URL on a line by itself in a page or post.

Full list of supported sites

Getting the URL

Finding the URL to paste into WordPress is a bit different for each media hosting site. In most cases, you’ll be looking for a share icon that looks something like one of these:


More specific instructions for finding the correct URLs, and demos of the embedded content, can be found on these pages:

Inserting the URL

This example uses a YouTube video, but the process is the same for all automatically embedded media: simply paste the URL on a line by itself, as shown in the “correct” example below.



If you are editing your page/post in visual mode (orange arrow, below), you will see a preview of your movie (or other type of content) where you placed the URL.

Embedded content toolbar

Click on the preview of your embedded content to reveal a toolbar, outlined in red below. To edit the embedded content’s URL, click the pencil. To delete the content, click X.


  • This is useful if you don't want to clutter your page with videos, or if you have a gallery of screenshots you want to link to the corresponding videos. Important: Be sure you use the 'embed' version of the URL.

    • For a text-only link, use the text editor (rather than the visual editor) and add the following to the link HTML: data-featherlight="iframe"

    <a href="" data-featherlight="iframe">Youtube</a>


    • For an image link, add the following to the link html (make sure there is only one 'class' attribute or the link will break): class="type-video" 

    <a href="" class="type-video"><img class="alignnone size-thumbnail wp-image-4447" src="" alt="" width="150" height="150"></a>


Here's what an embedded Vimeo video looks like: